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Call for submissions: MYTHS & LEGENDS: A Literary Collection

The focus of our first anthology for the year 2023 is myths and legends, drawn from how different cultures all around the world represent their fears, although of course stories and poems on magic, supernatural powers, monsters, heroes, dwarves, spirits, giants, vampires, epic journeys, strange worlds will also be considered.

Our goal is to compile some of the best modern short mythic retellings and reinventions of legends from various authors around the world. Whether you are an award-winning/bestselling author, acclaimed storyteller/poet, or exciting new talent, you can offer readers new ways to interpret and understand the world. Adventure with us on these Mythic Journeys.

We are on the lookout for unpublished poems and stories about myths and legends in the English language. Myths and legends are the oldest stories, part of our collective consciousness, and the source from which all fiction flows. Full of magic, supernatural powers, monsters, heroes, epic journeys, strange worlds, and a vast imagination, they are fantasies so compelling we want to believe them true.


• Authors may submit one short story of 400-600 words in the English language + a drawing inspired by your stories on folktales, fairytales, tall tales, legends, and myths that cast a child — not an adult — as the clever problem-solver.

• Poems must be only 4 to 5 stanzas in the English language + drawing inspired by your poem on folktales, fairytales, tall tales, legends, and myths that cast a child — not an adult — as the clever problem-solver. 

• We only accept new works and will not accept any work that was previously published in any anthology (poems or stories that have been posted on Facebook that have not been accepted by online or print anthologies or journals are eligible).  

• The contributor with the best beast (illustration) will be the official book cover of this anthology.


1. Copy your submissions to an email as a single document and email it to mckinleypublishinghub@gmail.com. The subject of the email should be [Submission: Myths & Legends]. All other titles will be considered, and the anthology title (“Myths & Legends”) will not be accepted. In the body of your email, please include your bio of not more than 50 words written in third person format ( if you submitted your Bio to previous Anthologies, please submit your Bio again, a submission without a Bio will be declined without notice. If you have someone else draw, please also provide the artist’s Bio so that we can also give him/her proper credit and a certificate.)

2. The deadline for your poems/stories should reach us is 10th January 2023. The anthology will be published by McKinley Publishing Hub and we hope to launch it in the first quarter of 2023.

3. Please no pdf attachments. We won’t be notifying you if you submitted a pdf format, please know that it will automatically be rejected.

4. Those who sent their submission via email will receive notification that the MPH team has received your submissions, via email on January 2023. However, the review process may take up to eight weeks. We will contact you once a decision whether accepted or rejected has been reached.

We look forward to receiving work that depicts eclectic styles and interests!


McKinley Publishing Hub


THE MCKINLEY PUBLISHING HUB is founded in the Pearl of the Orient: PHILIPPINES. Literally, McKinley is a street name where one of the three founders of the publishing company lives. In the context of Philippine History, “McKinley” are the Filipino Ilustrados who fought for freedom and real progress in the Philippines way back during the colonization era of Spain and America in our land. Ilustrados are the enlightened ones, not necessarily rich but surely educated formally (like Jose Rizal) or self-taught (like Andres Bonifacio or Emilio Jacinto or Josefa Llanes Escoda). They held the “enlightenment torch” to light and lead the way for Filipinos living in the “dark” towards a bright future full of hope.

Fast forward to now, 2021 which is a century hence plus some more decades after Rizal, Bonifacio, and Escoda. There is this new batch of self-published-Ilustrados again. Don Luman-ag, Dexter Amoroso, and Eureka Cambonga Bianzon Robey are these new self-published-Ilustrados. They believe that there is hope in self-publishing not only for the Filipinos but for the whole world. This time, Don, Dex, and Eureka will see to it that they will not be misunderstood (because they are good communicators). This time they will also commit not to fail (because they have a passion for excellence).

Besides, real heroism for them is not to put themselves on top of pedestals but for them to make more heroes of this new revolution in publishing. More heroes advocate the democratization of opportunities and progress in businesses, learning institutions, and in individuals. ALL THESE THROUGH MCKINLEY PUBLISHING HUB. Welcome us as we dynamically adapt so that you all can excel and achieve your dream of becoming a published author.


To protect aspiring authors from being exploited and victimized by unscrupulous individuals, business entities, and industry players. 

As an alternative to traditional publishing, to encourage more people, especially the younger generation, to put their talents and skills into good use by writing and publishing their own books via the self-publishing route. 

To stimulate and revitalize the mainstream book industry with the noble goal of producing future Pulitzer Prize winners and internationally acclaimed best-sellers by authors from across cultures and generations.

To spark, especially in our youth, interest, and love for books, and literary arts in general thus encouraging them to excel in their respective niches. 

*To bring honor to each author’s country, to leave a lasting legacy, and contribute to the world community.

Core Values (MCKINLEY)

M – ODERN. We are non-traditional publishers. We capitalize on our technical backgrounds and know-how to produce world-class books. 

C – OORDINATION. We value the excellent coordination within our team. We attribute the success of all our projects to our team spirit.

K – NOWLEDGE. We keep on exploring new techniques.

We never stop reasearching and innovating new ways to improve. 

I – INTEGRITY. We do what we say and we commit to do it right, and improve continuously.

N – NURTURE AND CARE. We nurture and care for our stakeholders: clients, and shareholders – both existing and potential, our business partners, allies, our community, and the environment. 

L – LOVE FOR THE CRAFT. We simply love what we do. We do what we love. 

E – EXCELLENCE – We achieve our objectives with our relentless passion for excellence. 

Y – YEARLONG FOR ALL SEASONS. MPH books are the best gifts.

Why Publish with MPH?

MPH publishes books in two languages, English and Filipino. We prefer poetry books and children’s picture books. 

We do, however, occasionally consider memoirs, autobiographies, self-help, literacy fiction, mystery, sci-fi novels, fantasy, and nonfiction books. 

MPH is currently accepting submissions via email. If you believe your manuscript would be a good fit for this publishing company, we ask that you include a cover letter with a brief author bio and book synopsis, along with your manuscript. We have a fantastic in-house editorial team who can help with manuscript editing, design, and layout. They are more than happy to work with first-time authors, as well!

We do not offer printing services so far but we are looking forward to expanding our horizons in the near future.

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Most of us grew up in a world without Smartphones, Nintendo Switch, and Netflix. We spent most of our free time just lying around, staring at the ceiling, and daydreaming about being grownups.

From picturing a romance with a dream partner, to being a superhero, to a profession we want when we grow up. 

Indeed, daydreaming can help us envision a better future. 

Those who daydream like us are hopeful persons.

We always see the glass being half full, and for us, things can always improve and thrive. Our lives are guided by our ability to imagine and see the bright side in every situation, to think of the rainbow after the storm. We always believe things can get better, and there could not be a more beautiful way to view this life than through our childlike wonder.

Let our little minds sojourn. Keep the positive attitude in our hearts and spread it around.

We all need some more daydream time and some more of that hope in our pockets.

And all the dreams that we dare to dream can and will  come true.

                                                      Mary Rose R. Agapito-Lagunsad /MPH Editor-in-Chief




United Kingdom




















Our Excellent Contributors

FOREWORD      by  Carolina Duka

PREFACE     by   Dexter Amoroso

INTRODUCTION by Mary Rose A. Lagunsad

Cover by Eureka Robey

Artwork contributors: Sophia Mhae Dorupan p.19, p. 67.p 124, & p.154 

Julie Ann Ballon p.23, p.156

Annette Wengert Tarpley 

• Never Stop Dreaming (A short story)

Elsie C. Mapalad

  • Chasing Rainbows

Kathy Jo Bryant

  • Daydreams of Imagination
  • What Do You Think of a Rainbow?

Carolina R. Duka

  • A Child
  • My Special Nica ( A short story)

Bogdana Găgeanu

  • Children are Magicians

Cherie Leigh

  • Unicorn Galaxy

Farah Diba Pastor

  • Fairyland

Binod Dawadi

  • Children’s Life

A J Wilson

  • A Day at the Fair

Veronica Roma Pingol

  • Be their Smile

Greg Etsell

  • The Happy Little Cloud ( A short story)

Jill Tait 

• The Folklore Fairies    

• I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes!!   

• Ssshh Don’t Say a Single Word   

• Never in Your Wildest Dreams   

• Ten Tiddly Tadpoles    

Sarfraz Ahmed

  • At the End of Her Nose

Maria Evelyn Quilla Soleta

  • My Tala, My  Mayla

Lorelyn De la Cruz Arevalo

  • Childhood

Dexter Amoroso

  • Differentiated Instruction
  • You can Count on Me
  • A Parenting Experience
  • Toy Envy
  • What Fascinates a Child

Joyce Jacobo

  • At the Nexus Point

Rhodora G. Garcia-Medina

  • A Summer Without End

Mary Rose R. Agapito-Lagunsad

  • My Library Cat
  • Billy Bee Wants to Play ( A short story)
  • Mighty, the Unlikely Turtle ( A short story)

Gopal Sinha

  • A Full Rainbow at Bangalore

Alyssa Joy Manila Bagat

  • Friends

Jhemar C. Lagata/Mhardz Guivarra

  • Two Giants

Gino G. Sumalinog

  • The Lonely Guava Tree ( A short story)

Kalucharan Sahu

  • She Has A Pet
  • The Legend of the Old Couple (A short story)

John Lowell R. Perlas

  • Mumbo Jumbo

Rana Zaman

  • A Frog’s Wedding

Ren Ramirez

  • A Girl Named Sofia

John Mark Astorga

  •   The World Where I am Belong

Lady Margrethe

  • The Sky
  • Lessons I Learned from Dad

Lakshmi Ajoy

  • Eva on a Plant-a-Tree Mission ( A short story)
  • Inner Sparks

Meghraj Babita

  • Somewhere Above the Rainbow

Hanna Supetran

  • Sense of Wonder

Leizl Rosales a.k.a Ezssel

  • The Chocolate

Gloria Magallanes Loeb

  • Dogs
  • Melancholy

Maria Anna Aludia Flores-Young

  • A Hearty Plate of Gratitude

Davi Ramphal Rampersad

  • Dreams

Zaneta Varnado Johns

  • Daydreaming: We Have Enough

S Afrose

  • The Dreamy Kite

Sarah Rachel Ramphal

  • Pocket Full of Dreams

Maureen A. Villanueva

  • Here Comes, Mr. Sun

Maricel Padua Lopez

  • A Thousand to None

Priyalakshmi Gogoi

  • Our Healthy Friends
  • Golden Rays

Sunita Sahoo

  • That’s Me

Eftichia Kapardeli

  • Blue Eyes

Jhaira Mae G. Perez

  • How I Wonder

Anthony Crutcher

  • The Tree with the Face

Pratibha Savani

  • Sun, Sea, Sand

Jhenson Tyrone Villena

  • Vivid

Jacqueline Villoso Vento 

• Still       

Harsh Sharma

  • Play in Cradle

Karuna Mistry

  • Tatty Bear
  • The Lego Experience
  • A Trifle Matter

Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey 

• Read       

• The Face of Thee     

• She’s a Dearest Friend in Child’s Imagination

• Children      

• In the Eyes if an Innocent Soul

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“Matchless Mosaic”, A Collection of Spiritual Poetry by MPH Published Author Kathy Jo Bryant

Kathy Jo has written poetry for years; her beautiful poems reveal her personality and dedication. In this special book, she tells us what is on her heart. The poems are uplifting because they are based on what the Bible teaches. As a result, one’s life is enhanced through reading them. May God bless you, Kathy Jo, for uplifting our lives.

               Kathryn Search

About the Author

Kathy Jo (Blake) Bryant hails from the United States, originally from Texas, now residing in Missouri. She is an avid genealogist, and a member of two lineage societies. She has authored a two-volume book on genealogy, and two books of poetry: Golden Glowing Mushroom; Favorite Things in My World.

Even though she has intermittently been writing poetry since a young adult, she has had a positive surge in writing, since joining quite a few poetry groups, within the last several years. She has had her poetry accepted on The Sparrow, a recitative YouTube poetry group, and has received a growing number of poetry certificates of various kinds, for Picture Prompts, and daily and weekly contests. She has themed poetry featured in online and printed anthologies for OpenDoor Poetry Magazine, and a growing collection of anthologies. She is a former moderator for: The Passion of Poetry, a very large Facebook group.

Pages Inside the Book

Amazon Links




















Other Books Published by Kathy Jo Bryant

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” Behind the Patina” The past isn’t to be denied; it has to be retained by MPH Published Author HB Rita

The past shapes our personality, figures out our current identity, and reminds us of who we were.

Recalling and composing are two distinct things. Absence of legitimacy shows- Many significant diaries can likewise lose feeling, interest, and importance to the readers. In any case, HB Rita handily brings out her encounters, discernments, and genuine sections from an earlier time in her verifiable book. The author’s reasonability to accomplish the complex task will seduce the reader.

Behind the Patina is a non-fiction book in light of the writer’s encounters and individual life. The book will acquaint readers all over the planet with an alternate nation, identity, religion, culture, family values, and day-to-day existence.

It’s going against the prevailing family-social norms, cultural traditions and reflective inquiry that can prompt the readers to think.

A few issues have become known in her book because of her early life in origin and her extended stay in the Bengali people group in America.

Nevertheless, the writer’s remarkable book is extremely shrewd on the two sides of the waterway. Rita’s sensible life experiences demonstrate a genuinely strong signature.

About the Author

HB Rita’s real name is Hajera Begum Rita, lives in New York City, USA. 

     She worked at DOE for 15 years. She encounters working with various inabilities, physical, mental, enthusiastic, scholarly, and special needs youngsters productively. She is a former administrative assistant and employee at NYC HR Connect. 

     HB Rita was born in a Muslim family in Bangladesh and currently lives in NYC. She earned her higher education from Touro College and University in New York. HB Rita is a journalist, writer, columnist, and poet in NYC. She has distributed eight books of verse, including one novel. Her previously published book of poetry from McKinley Publishing Hub is “Diagonal Perspective”- “Poetry Tied to the Ribbon of Time”. HB Rita has two adorable boys।

Pages Inside the Book

Amazon Links

Hardcover Amazon Links










Behind the Patina: The past isn't to be denied; it has to be retained

Paperback Amazon Links





Other Books Published By Author HB Rita

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“Rainbows & Daydreams”A Collection of Original Children’s Poetry and Short Stories by Various Authors is Now CLOSED for Submissions

This is the official book cover

Our upcoming poetry and short story anthology is “Rainbows & Daydreams: A Collection of Original Children’s Poetry and short stories by Various Authors. We are on the lookout for unpublished poems in the English language. 


• Poets may submit one poem and/or one short story (400-600 words)

• Poems must be only 4 to 5 stanzas in the English language. 

• We only accept new works and will not accept any work that was previously published in any anthology (poems that have been posted on Facebook that have not been accepted by online or print anthologies or journals are eligible).  


1. Copy your submissions to an email as a single document and email it to mckinleypublishinghub@gmail.com. or you may use the form below. The subject of the email should be [Submission: Rainbows & Daydreams]. All other titles will be considered and the anthology title (“Rainbows & Daydreams”) will not be accepted. In the body of your email, please include your bio of not more than 50 words written in Third person format ( if you submitted your Bio to previous Anthologies ,please submit your Bio again, a submission without a Bio will be declined, we won’t be notifying you as this is already written on our Guidelines.

2. The deadline that your poems should reach us is 10th August 2022. The anthology will be published by McKinley Publishing Hub and we hope to launch it by September 25th.

3. Please no pdf attachments. We won’t be notifying you if you submitted a pdf attachment, please know that it will automatically be rejected.

4. Those who completed the submission form will receive notification that the MPH team has received your submissions, via email within 48-72 hours. However, the review process may take up to four weeks. We will contact you once a decision whether accepted or rejected has been reached.

We look forward to receiving work that depicts eclectic styles and interests!

Submission Form Has Been Removed, We are in the process of Proofreading Editing the Manuscript.

FOLLOW SPxM group on FB for Important Announcements https://www.facebook.com/groups/888688195184126/



Follow The Passion of Poetry FB group by Ms Annette Tarpley


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“Verses from My Heart” by MPH Published Author Robert Celles is Now Available on Amazon

“Verses From My Heart” is not only a joy to read but also a journey over the years about the author’s life as depicted on various themes mostly about his life’s struggles and experiences. The many artworks and photos were purposely used to complement each poetry. Each chapter has its own story to tell, bringing the reader into a more personal connection with the poet’s character.

Reading this poetry book will give you some realization about different aspects of life including people, emotions, surroundings, and more. It will provide you with a different view of LOVE and LIFE.  Our past MEMORIES give us the opportunity to learn from our previous mistakes and allow us to understand the reasons why people behave the way they do. This book also tackled the interdependence of all things in NATURE and you can learn more from their existence. Also, the readers can relate to the four seasons of life, based on their metaphorical experiences of WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER, and FALL.

Verses from My Heart will indeed impart profound things in a simple, low- key and down-to-earth manner.

About the Author

The author, Roberto Tiatco Celles is a Filipino- Canadian from Tanay, Rizal, Philippines and now living in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada with his family. He attended elementary school at Tanay Elementary School and secondary high school at Sierra Madre Institute in the same town. He took up Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at National University, Manila in 1980. After graduation, he got his first job at Manila Cordage Company, in Makati City, Philippines where he worked for many years in the Manufacturing Department. He had a brief stint as a Consultant at Pacific Continental Company in Las Pinas City, Philippines. He applied as an independent immigrant in Canada and migrated to the country with his family in July of 2005. 

He got employed and worked for many years at Squirrel Systems Canada, a Burnaby-based point of sale vendor specializing in hospitality management systems based in British Columbia. 

Presently working at Osensa Innovations, a Manufacturing company that develops and manufactures fiber optic temperature sensor products for industrial applications including power transformers, switchgear, generators, semiconductor and MRI equipment also in Burnaby, British Columbia.

During the early days of the pandemic in 2020, his elementary grade school teacher from the Philippines, Mrs. Lourdes B. Morandarte, a well-known poetess in their province, introduced him to join “Poetic Hearts”, to shoo away the boredom caused by the quarantine. The group is composed of diversified and respectable poets and artists from different backgrounds and tried his talents in writing and painting. To date, he has been recognized and awarded in the arts of poetry and painting from different global poetry and literary groups such as, The Passion of Poetry, Rhythm of the Hearts, Pen Wonder International, ILA Magazine, Kapanulat, Bigkis ng Panitik, Filipino Poets in Blossoms and Poetry Planet. He is also the current Poetry Reviewer of the Poetic Hearts group and provides good reviews of his chosen poems on a regular basis. His prose and poetry were included in the GLIMPSES PH Magazine’s maiden issue in 2021 such as Tulips, The Duckling and the Swan and Skittles, the Dreamer. His work “My Sunset Dreams”  was chosen as Best Entry Poem and was published on ILA Magazine in June 2022. 

Now, he happily enjoys being a grandfather to his lovely granddaughter, Olivia Isabelle and still continues writing good poetries and painting during his free time.

Pages Inside the Book


Verse from My Heart 
Paperback Standard Color Interior

United States of America


United Kingdom






Hardcover with Premium Color Interior

United States of America

United Kingdom






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McKinley Publishing Hub New Management Team To our former CEO/President Don Luman-ag ,thank you, it was an honor working with you -Dex & Eureka

We are very saddened to announce the resignation of sir Don Luman-ag CEO and President of the Mckinkey Publishing Hub (MPH) due to his health issue. His departure was a big blow to MPH. We are very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with sir Don over the past months. Together, we have published 24 books and spearheaded key initiatives in MPH and self-publishing industry. VP Eureka will be the acting President while the position is still vacant.

The consolation to the abrupt and dismal event, however, is that we have recruited Mary Rose Lagunsad to take the position of Executive Vice President and Editor-in-Chief.

We are fortunate to have Marose join us at MPH, as she is an accomplished and proven writer and leader.

We are also proud to introduce to you three more additions to the MPH team. Mr. Al Baleda as Art Director, Kira Ryuzaki as Marketing Director and our digital artist Mc. Zeus Bautista Tope.

Join me in welcoming our new Management Team!


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“The Gift of Poetry” by MPH Author Sarfraz Ahmed is now available on Amazon

The ‘Romantic Poet’ is back with a bang!! 

In this blistering display of poetic brilliance, he proves time and time again that poetry is not a dying art. As each poem holds emotions that have bled directly from the author’s soul and are relatable to the lives we lead and the world in which we exist. Throughout the book, he uses imagery that is visually captivating and goes hand in hand with the ink that entwines them. In this book Sarfraz also collaborates with poets such as myself; Jack Tomlinson and others such as; Dennis Brown, Timothy DeVito, Charlene Phare, Zan Johns and Dona McCormack, combining rhythmic verses to touch the heart and cleanse the soul, all of which live within the pages of this book.

Some of my personal favourites are the heart-wrenching ‘Life Will Never Be The Same’ which is sure to bring a lump to anyone’s throat and the romantic tale of ‘When You Came Along’ which is simply a classic among classics, it is fair to say that this is Sarfraz Ahmed at his very best. Other notable mentions include; ‘The Sky Began to Cry’, ‘Lovers’, ‘And Then They Danced’, and ‘The Beautifulness of Your Face’. With over a hundred to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Talented British poet ‘Sarfraz Ahmed’ takes us on a journey of passion, pain, and love in this hugely anticipated fifth book. So, why not sit back and treat yourself, as you carefully turn each page and enjoy the beautiful ‘Gift of Poetry’.

Jack Tomlinson/Poet UK



Sarfraz Ahmed lives and works in the East Midlands UK, and is professionally trained as a careers adviser, and has branched out as a trainer, assessor, and careers writer. He has been writing poetry for over twenty years. He has contributed his poems to many anthologies published over the years, including Paint the Sky with Stars, United Press, Open Door Magazine, as well as many other contributions. His debut collection of poetry, Eighty-Four Pins was originally published in 2020; it was well-received, receiving great reviews globally prompting a second edition release in February 2022.

In February 2021, he published ‘Two Hearts’ A Journey Into Heartfelt Poetry with Annette Tarpley, this book became an instant Amazon bestseller, and reached a global audience. He is also a moderator and administrator for Passion of Poetry site on Facebook and will be the editor for their debut first anthology The Passion of Poetry – Poetry Inked with Passion.  

In May 2021 he was recognised as a World Contributor Poet, recognised for his contribution to poetry by Administrators, Poetry and Literature World Vision, decided to feature the contemporary poets of the world who are globally renowned, acclaimed or recognised, distinguished, or personalised poetically. 

He has a growing legion of fans online, on Facebook, also on Instagram Page #sarfrazahmedpoet. He is also a regular on the open mic circuit and has done many sessions globally. His poetry is also available on YouTube in ‘The Poets Lounge’, and in July 2021 he was featured on New York Parrot Literary Corner — E121: ‘Exploring the Inks of Sarfraz Ahmed’, also available on YouTube. 

Follow Sarfraz:


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sarfraz76194745




"The Gift of Poetry" by Sarfraz Ahmed

Paperback Black and White


United Kingdom








Hardcover Black and White


United Kingdom






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The Bird and the Dragonfly by MPH Authors Annette Tarpley and Rhett Cripps is Now Available on Amazon

From the imagination of Annette Tarpley and Rhett Cripps comes a truly beautiful story that is sure to capture the hearts and minds of children everywhere. ‘The Bird and the Dragonfly’ is a timeless tale of how friendship grows between an unlikely pair, delightfully engaging a true classic, captured beautifully by Alfonso Baleda, an award-winning artist whose illustrations bring to life the words of the poet. 

The Bird and the Dragonfly will be much loved by children worldwide, an exhilarating tale – the stuff that dreams are made of! 

Annette Tarpley hails from the United States, is a poet and writer globally renowned author of poetry books Poetry Potpourri and Two Hearts – a journey into heartfelt poetry, co-authored with poet Sarfraz Ahmed. She is the founder of one of the largest global Facebook poetry groups ‘The Passion of Poetry’. Her poetry has featured in many global anthologies, and has won many awards for her work. The Bird and the Dragonfly is her debut children’s book.

Sarfraz Ahmed/Poet UK

About the Author

Annette (Wengert) Tarpley was born in Marshalltown, Iowa.  She grew up mostly in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where she attended most of her school years. There were two career paths she contemplated, Writing/Journalism, or Nursing.  She chose the later and has been a nurse for 40 years. She worked as an ER nurse for over 20 years, as a forensic nurse examiner for 15 years, caring for victims of crime and violence.

In 2003, she returned to school while working and caring for her family.  She had relocated to Virginia in 1993 and completed her BSN, and her MSN at Radford University.  In 2010 she started her career as a Nurse Practitioner and has worked in a variety of settings.  Board Certified in family practice, she has also worked in psychiatry and geriatrics.  She continues to practice as a nurse practitioner. 

In 2020, after much urging to have her poetry published, she published her first book, “Poetry Potpourri.” Also, in May of 2020, she started her own Facebook poetry site, “The Passion of Poetry,” which now has 23,000 members worldwide. She is very active in the poetry community and has hosted many open mic events for her group. Coming soon is a stand-alone website called, “Pop-Star Poetry,” where she, along with other POP administrators, will publish poets. Annette is an internationally renowned poet, and has won numerous awards and accolades. Her second book was published and co-authored with renowned poet Sarfraz Ahmed, “Two Hearts,” and reached #1 status on an Amazon best-selling list. Annette has many videos on YouTube, some of which she has recited for herself and others.  Some of the videos were published by The Sparrow, and some were narrated, and compiled by Alan Johnson of The Poets Lounge, a renowned narrator and musician who also composes, plays and compiles videos. Annette also has been interviewed many times and participates in live poetry events internationally.  In December of 2021, Annette began to write short stories, all four have been published in books.  She has been published in numerous anthologies and online publications and has been featured in literary magazines.  She has started on her lifelong dream, writing a novel based on bullying from a poem she wrote, “The Ballad of Ned.” Annette enjoys thriving in a community where she can grow, but also rejoices in the accomplishments of others, and also promotes their talents in the literary world.

Authors: Annette Tarpley and her 8-year-old grandson Rhett Cripps from the USA
Foreword by Dennis Brown (Author of “Reflections of Light”) from the USA
Blurb by Sarfraz Ahmed (Author of “Eighty Four Pins’, “Stab the Pomegranate”) from the UK
Illustrations by Dubai Based Filipino Artist Alfonso Baleda and his son Juan Paolo Eugenio P. Baleda from the Phillippines
Layout Artist: Eureka Robey of MPH

Beautiful Pages Inside the Book

Links to Purchase

United Kingdom

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Reviews on Amazon