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ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Yuletide Poetry Anthology

All I Want For Christmas. This iconic song is a world Christmas staple. Vince Vance & the Valiants epitomize holiday cheer and goodwill with this Christmas classic. Christmas is a celebration of the best in all of us.

This fascinating poetry anthology book is biblically oriented, theologically rich, and easy to digest. Indeed, the poets worldwide put together comprehensive Christmas wishes in a neat package from material to spiritual in contemporary times. Our love for each other, the true feeling of brotherhood amongst us all.

Here’s hoping that everyone gets their wishes for Christmas, but remember an old proverb: “what you get, you lose. What you give, you keep forever”. Your support is a gift to McKinley Publishing Hub. Merry Christmas!

The book is elegant. All the poems in this anthology are of high quality. The layout and artworks are excellent too. This is a wonderful gift for Christmas!

Please watch our promotional video created by Mr Alan Johnson of The Poets Narrative

To get more updates about Anthology projects please visit our official Facebook Group Self-Published x Movement,

My appreciation extends to the POP Admin team, especially to Ms. Annette Tarpley, the Founder of The Passion of Poetry, an International group with almost 15 thousand poets, for her generous literary contributions, for her invaluable support, and for allowing McKinley Publishing Hub to announce its Anthology projects to her wonderful Poetry group.  

Our heartiest gratitude to our other major contributors Kathy Jo Bryant, Jill Tait, Greg Etsell, Cherie Leigh for their willingness to spare us their time.
And a person who also deserves our gratitude is Alan Johnson, the founder of The Poets Narrative, for creating an excellent video to promote this book, which can be watched at The Poets Lounge on YouTube. His utmost kindness in promoting poets' works is truly kind and generous.
We would like to convey a special thanks to the very talented Filipino artist, Rene Alster Oliva, for his amazing artwork "On their way to Bethlehem" located on the first page of this book.

We are also grateful to the presence of Illustrious Admin Bards Self-Published x Movement (SPXM), their support in making fellow writers, poets, and poetesses realize their dream of becoming certified published authors is phenomenal.

Finally, we express the most gratitude to all poets and poetesses throughout the world, for their high-quality poem contributions. All I Want For Christmas Anthology Book won't be possible without your support.

Thank you!

Annette (Wengert) Tarpley

John Thomas Tuft

Jill Tait

Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey

Annell Carter

Gabriel S. Weah

Napoleon Torres lll

Tim Law

Sunita Sahoo

Jack Tomlinson

Cherie Leigh

Sarfraz Ahmed

Joey Viliran Fernandez

Greg Etsell

Ababio Sylvester Owusu

Lyn B. Pastrana

Venkat Balantrapu

Ency Bearis

Anne Maureen Medrano Esperidion

Diptarupa Mallick Dasgupta

Layeba Humanity

Farah Diba Pastor

Linda Jean Wright Lank

Margie Hilario Estrada

Sharon Dorival

Shenni Waldron

Nwankwo Victor Anayo

Norbert Góra

Davi Ramphal Rampersad

Rosie B. Licudo

Neslie L. Lumanglas

Gloria Magallanes- Loeb

Rekha Mittal Gupta

Bienvenido Lantin Mojica

Šolkotović Snežana

Afrose Saad

Gita Mohanty

Pratibha Savani

Maria Editha Garma-Respicio

Cyril Amoroso-Vivo

Chris Opeña Orcuse

Dex Amoroso

Don Luman-ag

Karuna Mistry

Elizabeth Joseph

Imelda Zapata Garcia

Deity S. Tandog

Flight to the Light

Kathy Jo Bryant

Shabbirhusein K Jamnagerwalla


Nadica Ilić

Binod Dawadi

Lady Margrethe

Jacqueline Villoso Vento

Dil Kehta Hai, pen name of Ms. Swati Garg

Faith Eli Rose S. Llave

Hanna Supetran

Blagica Stanoeska

Jename Solon

Dr Karu Kala-Mohan Jamda MP

Iluminada D. Imbang

Regina McIntosh

Bradford Burch

Madhuri Kulkarni

Chibueze Moses

Dolores Lapinid

Ashu Verma Chaubey

Deepti Shakya

Matthew F. Zeccola

Gail Drake

Nathaniel De Lara Cruz

Wilfred Ntui

Nguyễn Thanh Hải

Above all these, MPH wants to thank the Almighty for the ultimate guidance and wisdom.

Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey
McKinley Publishing Hub Artist /Designer
VP of Finance & Operations




THE MCKINLEY PUBLISHING HUB is founded in the Pearl of the Orient: PHILIPPINES. Literally, McKinley is a street name where one of the three founders of the publishing company lives. In the context of Philippine History, "McKinley" are the Filipino Ilustrados who fought for freedom and real progress in the Philippines way back during the colonization era of Spain and America in our land. Ilustrados are the enlightened ones, not necessarily rich but surely educated formally (like Jose Rizal) or self-taught (like Andres Bonifacio or Emilio Jacinto or Josefa Llanes Escoda). They held the "enlightenment torch" to light and lead the way for Filipinos living in the "dark" towards a bright future full of hope. Fast forward to now, 2021 which is a century hence plus some more decades after Rizal, Bonifacio and Escoda. There is this new batch of self-published-Ilustrados again. Don Luman-ag, Dexter Amoroso, and Eureka Cambonga Bianzon Robey are these new self-publishedIlustrados. They believe that there is hope in the self-publishimg in the not only for the Filipinos but for the whole world. This time, Don, Dex and Eureka will see to it that they will not be misunderstood (because they are good communicators). This time they will also commit not to fail (because they have a passion for excellence). Besides, real heroism for them is not to put themselves on top of pedestals but for them to make more heroes of this new revolution in publishing. More heroes advocating the democratization of opportunities and progress in businesses, in learning institutions, and in individuals. ALL THESE THROUGH MCKINLEY PUBLISHING HUB. Welcome us as we dynamically adapt so that you all can excel and achieve your dream of becoming a published author.

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