I love You to the Moon & Back, A 4th Anthology Project by MPH is Now Closed for Submissions!

We call writers and poets to weave your magic and ink prose and poems better than chocolates and roses on Valentine’s day!
Submission guidelines for I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK: An International Anthology of Love Poems, Love Stories, Anecdotes from Real People about Real Experiences.
We will be accepting entries for poems, short stories, and anecdotes that fit the theme of: A. Will You Be My Valentine? B. My Funny Valentine (Or from heart-warming to humorous and everything in between).
NO FICTION, please. ANY GENRE (Except Erotica) is accepted. Unpublished work only.
What we’re looking for:

  1. Stories or poems of any genre (except Erotica) have some aspect of relationships, dating, weddings, or marriage life woven into the story or poem.
  2. Like all good short stories. Your love story must have a beginning, middle, and end. You should include at least one or more of the elements of a short story: character, setting, conflict, plot, and theme. Include at the end of your story or poem a bio of no more than 50 words. There is no compensation for your contribution other than a publication credit, an opportunity to reach a broad audience. Proceeds from the anthology sales will fund McKinley Publishing Hub’s effort to support budding writers through book publications.
  3. All love story entries must be enterered on the form below
    Please put “I Love You To The Moon And Back – Your Full Name” in the subject line. E.g., I Love You To The Moon And Back – Lady Margrethe
  4. Please include your 50 words (a short) bio in the body of the email (500 words max).
    In addition, indicate how you want your name to be published in the anthology. Note: Your Bio Must be in Third Person ( example; Estelle started writing……She was…She recently published…..
  5. Deadline: Tuesday, January 25, 2022. We reserve the right to edit for spelling corrections and change any word not written in English without notifying the author. Further inquiries should be sent to Inquiry@mckinleypublishinghub.

Here’s a sample from poetess Estelle .

My husband and I were high school sweethearts. As Fate would have it, we ended up getting married but not without going through the roughs and tumbles of a relationship.

Fast forward, he is serving in the Philippine Marine Corps with the elite Force Reconnaissance Group. Maybe the long waits, distance, and worries all help keep the spark alive. Even now.
Across that crowded place, your eyes met mine, and you smiled that one-dimpled smile. Impishly I raised my glass your way; then, you walked over and sat beside me. We didn’t talk nor touch.

We sat in comfortable silence, Impervious to the babel around us, each to our thoughts, yet conscious of the undercurrent emotions waiting to surge, wanting to be set free—another round of drinks.

We reached for the same glass; our fingers touched. I withdrew my hand as though electrified. My heart was beating fast. I cast my eyes downward, sensing your fiery gaze on my face; I didn’t want to look at you; I might drown in your brown eyes again.

Suddenly the room whirled; you caught me as I was about to fall; you whispered, “Time to go home, love.” And we left, one hand around my waist, My head leaning on your shoulder. I heard some people say, “Wish we could have that kind of marriage after all these years!”

I smiled at you. You smiled back.




THE MCKINLEY PUBLISHING HUB is founded in the Pearl of the Orient: PHILIPPINES. Literally, McKinley is a street name where one of the three founders of the publishing company lives. In the context of Philippine History, "McKinley" are the Filipino Ilustrados who fought for freedom and real progress in the Philippines way back during the colonization era of Spain and America in our land. Ilustrados are the enlightened ones, not necessarily rich but surely educated formally (like Jose Rizal) or self-taught (like Andres Bonifacio or Emilio Jacinto or Josefa Llanes Escoda). They held the "enlightenment torch" to light and lead the way for Filipinos living in the "dark" towards a bright future full of hope. Fast forward to now, 2021 which is a century hence plus some more decades after Rizal, Bonifacio and Escoda. There is this new batch of self-published-Ilustrados again. Don Luman-ag, Dexter Amoroso, and Eureka Cambonga Bianzon Robey are these new self-publishedIlustrados. They believe that there is hope in the self-publishimg in the not only for the Filipinos but for the whole world. This time, Don, Dex and Eureka will see to it that they will not be misunderstood (because they are good communicators). This time they will also commit not to fail (because they have a passion for excellence). Besides, real heroism for them is not to put themselves on top of pedestals but for them to make more heroes of this new revolution in publishing. More heroes advocating the democratization of opportunities and progress in businesses, in learning institutions, and in individuals. ALL THESE THROUGH MCKINLEY PUBLISHING HUB. Welcome us as we dynamically adapt so that you all can excel and achieve your dream of becoming a published author.

One thought on “I love You to the Moon & Back, A 4th Anthology Project by MPH is Now Closed for Submissions!


    I… Irrigate my soul with your love…

    L… Lest I wither like a flower
    O… Offer me a chance to breathe again, and
    V… Veil not your heart from me
    E… Even nature knows I love you so…

    Y… You’re the song that I sing all day
    O… Over the hills and in the valley
    U… Under the sun and in the rain…

    T… Tell me about the truth and the lies
    O… Of the many things you’ve said to me…

    T… Take my hand gently in yours
    H… Hold me where it never hurts, and
    E… Entangle your sweet emotions with mine…

    M… Money, silver or gold I may not have
    O… Or a diamond ring to make you proud, but
    O… Openly I pledge my heart to you
    N… Not minding if it’ll stir the dust of envy…

    A… And the jealousy in another heart, cause
    N… Never’ve I been watered by love, or
    D… Drank from her well as I do now…

    B… Bring me no bread, cake or candy
    A… And take me not to the moon, Jupiter or Mars
    C… Cause with your love my soul’s fed and entertained
    K… Knit our love with trust till we grow old and die.

    © Akori Clement
    January, 2022

    Akori Clement is a Nigerian who hail from Delta State. He studied Political Science at Delta State University, Abraka. And he presently works with the Delta State Government. Writing poetry is one of his hobbies. He has been given numerous awards by different poetry groups.


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