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” Behind the Patina” The past isn’t to be denied; it has to be retained by MPH Published Author HB Rita

The past shapes our personality, figures out our current identity, and reminds us of who we were.

Recalling and composing are two distinct things. Absence of legitimacy shows- Many significant diaries can likewise lose feeling, interest, and importance to the readers. In any case, HB Rita handily brings out her encounters, discernments, and genuine sections from an earlier time in her verifiable book. The author’s reasonability to accomplish the complex task will seduce the reader.

Behind the Patina is a non-fiction book in light of the writer’s encounters and individual life. The book will acquaint readers all over the planet with an alternate nation, identity, religion, culture, family values, and day-to-day existence.

It’s going against the prevailing family-social norms, cultural traditions and reflective inquiry that can prompt the readers to think.

A few issues have become known in her book because of her early life in origin and her extended stay in the Bengali people group in America.

Nevertheless, the writer’s remarkable book is extremely shrewd on the two sides of the waterway. Rita’s sensible life experiences demonstrate a genuinely strong signature.

About the Author

HB Rita’s real name is Hajera Begum Rita, lives in New York City, USA. 

     She worked at DOE for 15 years. She encounters working with various inabilities, physical, mental, enthusiastic, scholarly, and special needs youngsters productively. She is a former administrative assistant and employee at NYC HR Connect. 

     HB Rita was born in a Muslim family in Bangladesh and currently lives in NYC. She earned her higher education from Touro College and University in New York. HB Rita is a journalist, writer, columnist, and poet in NYC. She has distributed eight books of verse, including one novel. Her previously published book of poetry from McKinley Publishing Hub is “Diagonal Perspective”- “Poetry Tied to the Ribbon of Time”. HB Rita has two adorable boys।

Pages Inside the Book

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Behind the Patina: The past isn't to be denied; it has to be retained

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