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RIPPLES in the TWILIGHT by MPH Published Author Dr. Jossie Tequillo Magabo

God grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change; COURAGE to change the things I can; and WISDOM to know the difference.

Of supplication for divine intercession is Reinhold Niebuhr’s prayer, a submission to God’s dominion over man.

Ripples In The Twilight is a perfect allusion to the author in her twilight years. As a poet, every thought and feeling that comes into her moments create movements and voices that ripples into every poem she writes. Writing poems though, was never an aspiration in her younger years. But after retirement, she bides her time scribbling in rhymes and rhythm. She’s a late bloomer in the field but she’s grateful for the opportunity to enrich her life. Old age is a gift from God, Not everyone is privileged to grow old, and many who have become have ceased to dream, simply content to spend their days in mundane existence. The author thus, invites her readers to join in her life’s journey through her poems. If there is anything that the wisdom of old age brings, it is of the thought that life, though tenacious and fragile, is beautiful, and there’s no limitation, how one chooses to live a joyful and meaningful life.

About the Author

The Author, Jossie Tequillo Magabo, comes from a home where music and literature blend with the affairs of the family, thanks to her father who created fun times with the children, through regular storytelling sessions right after dinner time. He also patiently taught them to sing, dance and to recite poems, filling the house with lots of singing, dancing, and laughter.

Seeing her inclination to poetry, Jossie’s father spent extra time teaching her the rigors of reciting poems to an audience, proper diction, enunciation, voice dynamics and gesture. Such training bodes well when she started school. She became her school’s official contender in Interscholastic Competitions in Recitation,

throughout Grade School, and Declamation in High School. At this point, more time was expended in memorizing poems. Writing poems was far from her mind by then.

Following the footsteps of her parents, she enrolled in a State College for Teacher Education. This time, she dabbled into verses and rhymes, but the academic requirements took her precious time. She loves teaching and dedicated herself to it and rose from the ranks. From the Ministry of Education and Culture she qualified for a Government Scholarship Grant for a Doctorate Course. Inspiration creeped in and writing poems became a hobby at this point in her life. Serious poetry writing came about after retirement.

Her 1st book of poetry was published in 2020. Currently, she is actively involved in many international poetry groups, a most welcome opportunity to use her time prodigiously.

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RIPPLES in the TWILIGHT by Jossie Tequillo Magabo


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