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poems that mirror secrets of the heart by MPH Published Author Rosie B. Licudo

It has been years since finishing her college studies and while motherhood brought a sense of fulfillment, she began to wonder why there seems to be something amiss, as if she had been chasing rainbows all along. She always believed that romance can only happen between two lovers, but why does she ache for that tender touch or a whisper of sweet nothings? Through the years, the unrequited longings became burdensome, exacting a heavy toll on her courage to seek the unachievable. Only when she closes her eyes that the truth becomes clear, and the contours of her wishes begin to take shape. Listless, she began to step out from the depths of solitude, venturing into a world of beautiful verses, redolent of the murmurs of sweet nothings. It was then that the elusive happiness she long sought for unfolded, waiting in the wings to take her to a journey into the colorful and enchanting world of romance.

“Emotions are the mirrors that reveal the secrets kept in the heart” – Jimmy Calaycay

Rosie B. Licudo/Author

About the Author

Rosie B. Licudo is from Tabuk City, Kalinga Province, Philippines and presently working in Hongkong as an OFW. She is an aspiring writer and started to learn about her passion for writing poetry in March of 2021. The books to which she is a contributor are “Spotlight” and the “Methapors of Life” book anthologies, recently she is also one of the co-authors of “Saving the Planet, One Poem at a Time, and ” All I Want For Christmas”, “Mother’s Embrace” book anthologies, and the first Collaboration book anthology titled “Co-love-Oration” All her written poems were an expression of her true feelings and emotions, her thoughts, her views about life, and her own life experience and imagination. “My Poetry is Me!”

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THE MCKINLEY PUBLISHING HUB is founded in the Pearl of the Orient: PHILIPPINES. Literally, McKinley is a street name where one of the three founders of the publishing company lives. In the context of Philippine History, "McKinley" are the Filipino Ilustrados who fought for freedom and real progress in the Philippines way back during the colonization era of Spain and America in our land. Ilustrados are the enlightened ones, not necessarily rich but surely educated formally (like Jose Rizal) or self-taught (like Andres Bonifacio or Emilio Jacinto or Josefa Llanes Escoda). They held the "enlightenment torch" to light and lead the way for Filipinos living in the "dark" towards a bright future full of hope. Fast forward to now, 2021 which is a century hence plus some more decades after Rizal, Bonifacio and Escoda. There is this new batch of self-published-Ilustrados again. Don Luman-ag, Dexter Amoroso, and Eureka Cambonga Bianzon Robey are these new self-publishedIlustrados. They believe that there is hope in the self-publishimg in the not only for the Filipinos but for the whole world. This time, Don, Dex and Eureka will see to it that they will not be misunderstood (because they are good communicators). This time they will also commit not to fail (because they have a passion for excellence). Besides, real heroism for them is not to put themselves on top of pedestals but for them to make more heroes of this new revolution in publishing. More heroes advocating the democratization of opportunities and progress in businesses, in learning institutions, and in individuals. ALL THESE THROUGH MCKINLEY PUBLISHING HUB. Welcome us as we dynamically adapt so that you all can excel and achieve your dream of becoming a published author.

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