McKinley Publishing Hub New Management Team To our former CEO/President Don Luman-ag ,thank you, it was an honor working with you -Dex & Eureka

We are very saddened to announce the resignation of sir Don Luman-ag CEO and President of the Mckinkey Publishing Hub (MPH) due to his health issue. His departure was a big blow to MPH. We are very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with sir Don over the past months. Together, we have published […]

The Bird and the Dragonfly by MPH Authors Annette Tarpley and Rhett Cripps is Now Available on Amazon

From the imagination of Annette Tarpley and Rhett Cripps comes a truly beautiful story that is sure to capture the hearts and minds of children everywhere. ‘The Bird and the Dragonfly’ is a timeless tale of how friendship grows between an unlikely pair, delightfully engaging a true classic, captured beautifully by Alfonso Baleda, an award-winning artist […]

Finding God A Collection of Short Stories for Young Children by MPH Author Bam Dev Sharma is Now Available on Amazon

“Finding God” by Bam Dev Sharma, is a collection of eighteen stories, meant for children aged eight to twelve years old. Stuffed with moral values and life lessons, the characters appear as human beings like farmer, boatman, merchant, hermit, king, woodcutters, and milkman. The children can easily feel and empathize with them. Humor, satire, irony, […]

“Mother’s Embrace” Anthology book is now available on Amazon

“MOTHER’S EMBRACE: A collection of literary works for all Mothers that went through Labor to bring their children into the world”.  In this age of superheroes, let us not forget that we already have heroes among us, and they are called ‘MOTHERS’. All Hail the Good Mothers whether housewives or working moms! They are the […]

8 of 20 Books Published by McKinley Publishing Hub

8 of 20 books, still waiting for other books to be delivered by AmazonHigh Quality books , from cover to interior Visit McKinleyPublishingHub.Com for Details of each book, Author’s Profile and How to Purchase. proudlymckinley Books Published by MPH as of April 8, 2022: INFINITY AND BEYOND by Author Don Luman-ag I DRINK, THEREFORE I […]

TO MY BEST FRIEND, by MPH Published Author Don-Luman-ag

Friendship is one of the best gifts that we could ever have in our lifetime. It is not a thing that money can buy; hence, its value is priceless. Surprise your best friend by gifting her or him with this illustrated classic poem by Don McKinley. Just like true friendship, this wonderful poetry book, To […]


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