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Favorite Things in My World by MPH Published Author Kathy Jo Bryant

I’ve been honored and privileged to be able to publish Kathy Jo’s poetry in four of the Sweetycat Press’s anthologies. Her poetry is always warm, charming, and delightful to read. In those books, her poems ranged from the beauty of the Lilies of the Valley to the music of the Bowed Psaltery,  to pondering the strain of carrying a jug atop your head. In Kathy Jo’s newest book, “Favorite Things In My World”, written for children of all ages, and the child in each of us, included is her fascination with bumble bees in “Bumble Bee,” a tribute to giraffes in “The Gamboling Giraffe,” and her affection for bunny rabbits in “I Love it So.” Take it from me, her poetry is pure magic. 

Steve Carr, Publisher/Editor Sweetycat Press

About the Author

Kathy Jo Bryant hails from the United States, originally from Texas, now residing in Missouri. She is a published author of Golden Glowing Mushroom, a poetry collection, available on Amazon. She is an avid genealogist, a member of a lineage society, and has authored a two-volume book on genealogy.  She writes poetry on quite a number of subjects. Even though she has intermittently been writing poetry since youth, she has had a positive surge in writing, since joining quite a few poetry groups, within the last several years.

She has had her poetry accepted on The Sparrow, a recitative YouTube poetry group, Writings on the Wall, a YouTube poetry readings platform, Trending Poets, an elite media Facebook group by Alan Johnson, and Poetizerdotcom. She has received a growing number of poetry certificates of various kinds, for Picture Prompts, and daily and weekly contests. She has themed poetry featured in online and printed anthologies for OpenDoor Poetry Magazine, Sweetycat Press, and quite a few other anthologies. She is a member of, and former moderator for The Passion of Poetry, a very large Facebook group with over 20 thousand members.

To purchase “Favorite Things in My World” book

This book has 115 pages, Paperback with Premium Color Interior

Rating: 5 out of 5.

United Kingdom




Let’s take a look inside the book


Golden Glowing Mushroom by Kathy Jo Bryant on this link

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TO MY BEST FRIEND, by MPH Published Author Don-Luman-ag

Friendship is one of the best gifts that we could ever have in our lifetime. It is not a thing that money can buy; hence, its value is priceless.

Surprise your best friend by gifting her or him with this illustrated classic poem by Don McKinley. Just like true friendship, this wonderful poetry book, To My Best Friend, is a literary treasure worth keeping.

About the Author

Don Luman-ag is a registered Filipino writer and author who mostly writes inspirational and affirmative poems in the English language. He started his literary journey as a high school kid who represented his school in regional and national writing competitions. 

Don used to be the Associate Editor and Editor-in-Chief of their school organ, “The Misonahisian” and its Filipino counterpart, “Ang Misonahisian” respectively. His deeply-rooted love for publishing has led him to establish McKinley Publishing Hub together with his fellow poets and very good friends Dexter Amoroso and Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey.

“To My Best Friend: An Illustrated Poem by Don McKinley”

You can buy this illustrated chapbook from Amazon:

Let’s take a look inside the book

This book shows Illustrations that make little kids happy

Trinity Ann, From Kentucky USA