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Sensuality, Chaos & Pain by MPH Published Author Estelle Cortes

Delve into the depths of a woman’s heart and mind. Breakthrough the veil of propriety, social norms, and self-made rules that prevent us from freely expressing ourselves. Reading through this book is so empowering and enlightening as it provides us an insight into what goes inside a woman’s head, her unspoken words, repressed feelings, and pent-up emotions. 

Estelle bravely writes about struggles, chaos, pain, regrets, longings and even goes further to vividly reveal her sensual side without being vulgar or profane. Brace yourself as this book teleports you into daydreams and guilty pleasures only women understand. You will be amazed at how Estelle can radically defy and challenge perceived limitations and taboos with couth.

This book, “SENSUALITY, CHAOS, AND PAIN” by Estelle Cortes is truly revolutionary and one of a kind!

About the Author

 Estelle Cortes-Pimentel 
Mother. Wife. Wild Woman. Farmer. Poet. Artist.

To Purchase

According to Author Estelle Cortes, the net proceeds of this book will fund the evaluation of the pupils in teacher Baibinky Alphaalpha‘s SPED class by a Developmental Specialist.

To purchase Paperback Black and White
To purchase Hardcover Color Interior
Hardcovet Black and White Interior
Paperback with Colored Interior

Let’s take a look inside the Book

Message from the Author

In behalf of teacher Baibinky Alphaalpha and the Special Kids in her SPED class, I would like to thank my friends who ordered my book and who are still planning to order. The hope that the pupils will be properly assessed by a Pediatric Developmental Specialist is no longer just a hope but a 90% probability. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift to these kids who are as deserving of love and a fair chance to learn as any other kids.

Thank you so much for your love. Happy Valentine’s Day!😘💝💖💘

Estelle Cortes ,”SENSUALITY, CHAOS AND PAIN”Published Author

Happy Readers

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Golden Wings of Love by MPH Published Author Mohammad Ali Aznabi

‘Golden Wings of Love’ is a rich collection of diverse poetry based on philanthropy, spiritualism, deep philosophy of life and death, mysterious feelings of creations, romance, patriotism, devotion, naturalism, self-discovery, and love for creation is undoubtedly ascertained to offer you the spontaneity to drink to the lees of beauty and truth. Aznabi expresses his superb realization and pleasure in different poetic styles and perspections to enflame a spirit in the reader’s mind. Mohammad Ali Aznabi, a frantic absorbed and enlightened soul has scattered the wide-spreading wings of his overflowing love throughout the whole universe beyond the horizon and worldly limitations. Acrostic Poems, sonnets, quatrains, couplets, free verse have added wonderful taste to his poetry. The poet Aznabi has accumulated a variety of poems that have achieved so many surprising awards of recognition from a lot of global Poetry Platforms and have gained much popularity among the poets worldwide. Aznabi has created a honeycomb from which the athirst poetry-lovers will continue to quench their thirst from age to age to come. I am highly proud and profoundly glad to introduce the debut-poetry collection by a golden sparkling God-gifted inker.

About the Author

Mohammad Ali Aznabi is a poet of spiritual love and philosophy of life. He expresses the practical truth of life through his poems. Aznabi was born on 8 October 1980 at the village of Harong in Chandina Thana under Cumilla District of Bangladesh.  His loving father is Md. Abdur Razzaque &  his affectionate mother is Lalmoti Begum. 

Poet’s educational life was full of achievement and he was keenly eager of acquiring knowledge. He came from an insolvent family and his father was a petty farmer. Poverty could not create obstruction on the way of his acquiring knowledge. He was a wonder to his teachers.

He started writing poems at the age of 12. His first Bangla poetry ‘Prem Aroty’ was published in 1998. His second poetry ‘Rubaiguchchha’ was published in 1999. His first English and Bengali (Bilingual) poetry ‘Touch of Supreme Love’ was published in 2005 & his second bilingual poetry ‘Perfumed Garden’ was published in 2008. Then in 2011 his another bilingual poetry ‘Agunjhora Fagunbanshi’ (Falgun Flute of Flame)was published in a large volume containing around 250 poems. His other published poetical works are ‘Nirghum Nimognota’ (Sleepless Absorption) (2012) ‘Rubaiyat and Diwan’ (2014), ‘Nirontor Piyasha’ (Endless Thirst) (2015). He has composed more than 100 sonnets which will recently be published. Aznabi has achieved many awards of recognition and appreciation from various national and International poetry platforms.

He was influenced most by William Shakespeare, John Keats, William Wordsworth of English Literature. The poet Aznabi gets much interest in Persian Literature and especially in Sufism. The great saint and Philosopher Jalaluddin Rumi, the great poets Hafiz and Sheikh Sa’adi inspired him. The poet is highly inspired by the non-communal spirit and humanism of Lalon Fakir and Kazi Nazrul Islam. In the boyhood, the poet started his literary study with the great poet Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘The Gitanjali’ (Song Offerings) and was inspired to write bilingual poetry.

He gained graduation with honours in English literature in 2003 and post-graduation in 2008 from Bangladesh National University.  His wife Afroza Ali, one daughter – Afrin Jahan Rifah, and one son- Minhajul Arefin Rajon.  The poet is teaching in Ispahani Public School & College, a renowned educational institution as a Senior teacher in English.

Spiritualism, love, nature, philosophy of life, patriotism, revolt against injustice, sense of renaissance are depicted with spontaneous words in his poems.

Paperback Black and White







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Biriterang Makata by MPH Published Author Ester Vargas Castillo

About the Author

ESTER VARGAS CASTILLO, a.k.a.  Biriterang Makata was born in Cagay-an, Lepanto, Alegria, Cebu on August 10, 1971. She lives in Lapulapu City, Cebu. She is a migrant worker (OFW) in Dubai. Studied in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. She worked for Ten (10) years as Assembler/ Marketing/ Accounts Executive in SHARP (Phils.) CORPORATION. A restaurateur and entrepreneur before she tried her luck in Dubai. A topnotcher in her Culinary Course and a Certified Caregiver.

The author is an Admin and one of the Founding Members of the Self Published x Movement (SPxM), the Advocacy Group of McKinley Publishing Hub. An honorary Admin to Horizons home for talented migrant workers in Hongkong and around the world. She is also Admin of the Bigkis ng Panitik Page, a group of elite poets whose plume was extraordinary.

She is a proud member of Kapanulat (Kapatid sa Panulat), Septon Poetry, Poetic Hearts, SSTT (Sari Saring Tulang Tagalog), Diwang Malaya, the Passion of Poetry, and Baybayin-Philippine National Writing System. She won numerous prestigious awards and certificates including Championship to various categories in Wricon (Writing Competition) with different poetry pages. 

She is a choir member of FILSOC Chorale, the musical arm of the Filipino Social Club in Dubai. Her performances include:

– 123rd Philippine Independence Day, Radisson Blu, Deira, Dubai (11 June 2021) 

– Opening Ceremony, Bangkota Philippine Pavilion, World Expo (01 October 2021) 

–  Sang Bonggahan, Flashback Friday, Imaginarium, Bangkota Philippine Pavilion (22 October 2021) 

–  Paskong Pinoy, Jubilee Stage, World Expo (03 December 2021) 

-Launching of Alira’s ” We are One”, Expo-inspired Song, Dubai Millennium Amphitheater, World Expo (30 January 2022).

She writes to inspire women of all walks of life.  Her literary works aim to uplift the wounded. Give them hope that there will always be second chances. Her own experience is seen in her writings. How she struggled, managed to turn the situation and be victorious in the end. 

She also writes anything under the sun and experiments with different types of poetry. When her muse visits her, expect a masterpiece is on its way. Writing to her is like a potion, it can be used to heal, to enchant, or delight and can even be a tool to destroy.  So, which is which? It lies on the writer’s pen. But to her, she chooses to rather use it to build and create.

Random Beautiful pages inside the book

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Comfort for All Seasons by Author Frieda Norma Dela Cruz is Now Available on Amazon

Comfort for All Seasons – Volume 1, is a collection of candid, charming and heartfelt poems, essays and quotes of a woman who began to devote herself to writing as a new career after the death of her husband. They say life is a gift and precious. How about death? Is death a gift too? Can life be precious without death? Can life be precious if it is not so fragile, so easily be taken away from us? Can life be precious if it is not so short? If we can live for ever, if life just keeps going on and on, will we treasure the moments? It is clear to Frieda that we treasure the special moments in our lives precisely because they don’t last!
It is in this sense that death is a gift. Without death, without impermanence, we won’t have the preciousness of life. And it is only when we embrace all the four seasons of life, not cherry-picking them, that we can live in grace and beauty.

About the Author

Frieda Norma Divina-Dela Cruz was born in Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur on June 12, 1953. Now, she lives in Tarlac City.
She’s an Accountant by profession with the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Accounting major at Far Eastern University (FEU). She also studied Management Development Program at the Ateneo de Manila University.
The author is an Admin and one of the Founding Members of the Self Published x Movement (SPxM), the Advocacy Group of McKinley Publishing Hub.

A Moderator of the Filipino Poets in Blossoms (FPB), and has been receiving recognition awards for her writing contributions in different categories. After her retirement, and when her husband died, she became interested to writing anything under the sun. Writing gives her joy and happiness. She said, “Writing is a career, I feel fulfilled and it is now my life running in my blood.”
Looking forward to writing as many as she could for the world
to read

Her Inspiratipn book is now available on Amazon

Beautiful pages of Comfort for All Seasons

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Golden Glowing Mushroom by Author Kathy Jo (Blake) Bryant is Now Available on Amazon

Welcome to the poetic world of Kathy Jo (Blake) Bryant!This popular poetess offers you a rich dessert of the delicious and the luxurious. A poetic genius that has written poetry for many years and is sure to have something to suit every palate. The book itself is divided into six chapters; Love, Life, People, Memories, Nature and Seasons. Each one is beautifully blended together, with the chapter themes running through every written word. It is put together with such passion, that the words instantly resonate with those that read the poetry, transcending into something beyond beautiful.Kathy’s debut collection of poetry has many best-loved poems that have touched the hearts of many across the world.

Sarfraz Ahmed / Poet, UK

http://Golden Glowing Mushroom: A Collection of Poetry by Kathy Jo Bryant

About the Author

Kathy Jo (Blake) Bryant hails from the United States, originally from Texas, now residing in Missouri. She is an avid genealogist, a member of a lineage society, and has authored a two volume book on genealogy. She writes poetry on quite a number of subjects. Even though she has intermittently been writing poetry since youth, she has had a positive surge in writing, since joining quite a few poetry groups, within the last several years.

Kathy Jo is a favourite for many across the globe, who have been introduced to her work through her appearances on open mic sessions, as well as on quite a number of digital platforms to maximise her reach and impact. She is an award-winning poetess who is well-known and respected for her blend of rhythm, rhyme, and freestyle.

She has had her poetry accepted on The Sparrow, a recitative YouTube poetry group, Writings on the Wall, a YouTube poetry readings platform, The Poet’s Narrative, an elite media Facebook group by Alan Johnson, and Poetizerdotcom. She has received a growing number of poetry certificates of various kinds, for Picture Prompts, and daily and weekly contests. She has themed poetry featured in online and printed anthologies for Open Door Poetry Magazine, and quite a few other anthologies. She is a member of, and former moderator for: The Passion of Poetry, a very large Facebook group with over 17 thousand members.

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Mga Tulang Pamasko , Alay ng mga  Makatang Pilipino

Christmas day is the most awaited day of the whole year. It is also the time of wishes such as a wish to see the world, a wish to end the pandemic, a friend wish, a food wish, or Noche Buena. Although many wishes remain, some have already been fulfilled; such as Lechon, Bibingka, Pinoy-style spaghetti, Leche flan, Puto-bumbong, lumpia and chocolate. But more than that … The baby Jesus was born. Merry Christmas!


Greetings from Three Magis of the McKinley Publishing Hub

Dex, Don , & Eureka holding three of McKinley Publishing Hub’s Published Book on Amazon

We are the three Magis of the MCKINLEY PUBLISHING HUB. And our birthday gifts to Baby Jesus on His BIRTHDAY are “Saving the World, One Poem at a Time”, “All I Want For Christmas” and “Hiling Sa Araw Ng Pasko” anthology books.

Let us see the destiny ahead of us and not be short-sighted by simply living for this world and for ourselves or to keep on regretting about our past. Let us come back to God by seeking repentance. God is our Father and He will bring us back to him.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!! Let us democratize access to publications by offering aspiring authors easier and more economical alternative to traditional publishing. We aim to encourage more people especially the younger generation to put their literary talents and skills into good use by writing and publishing their own books via the self-publishing route.

May the God-Baby Jesus bless us. He who after being born poor, became a poor fugitive baby too, hunted for threatening the violent world with His gentleness and love and saving Graces!