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McKinley Publishing Hub New Management Team To our former CEO/President Don Luman-ag ,thank you, it was an honor working with you -Dex & Eureka

We are very saddened to announce the resignation of sir Don Luman-ag CEO and President of the Mckinkey Publishing Hub (MPH) due to his health issue. His departure was a big blow to MPH. We are very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with sir Don over the past months. Together, we have published 24 books and spearheaded key initiatives in MPH and self-publishing industry. VP Eureka will be the acting President while the position is still vacant.

The consolation to the abrupt and dismal event, however, is that we have recruited Mary Rose Lagunsad to take the position of Executive Vice President and Editor-in-Chief.

We are fortunate to have Marose join us at MPH, as she is an accomplished and proven writer and leader.

We are also proud to introduce to you three more additions to the MPH team. Mr. Al Baleda as Art Director, Kira Ryuzaki as Marketing Director and our digital artist Mc. Zeus Bautista Tope.

Join me in welcoming our new Management Team!




THE MCKINLEY PUBLISHING HUB is founded in the Pearl of the Orient: PHILIPPINES. Literally, McKinley is a street name where one of the three founders of the publishing company lives. In the context of Philippine History, "McKinley" are the Filipino Ilustrados who fought for freedom and real progress in the Philippines way back during the colonization era of Spain and America in our land. Ilustrados are the enlightened ones, not necessarily rich but surely educated formally (like Jose Rizal) or self-taught (like Andres Bonifacio or Emilio Jacinto or Josefa Llanes Escoda). They held the "enlightenment torch" to light and lead the way for Filipinos living in the "dark" towards a bright future full of hope. Fast forward to now, 2021 which is a century hence plus some more decades after Rizal, Bonifacio and Escoda. There is this new batch of self-published-Ilustrados again. Don Luman-ag, Dexter Amoroso, and Eureka Cambonga Bianzon Robey are these new self-publishedIlustrados. They believe that there is hope in the self-publishimg in the not only for the Filipinos but for the whole world. This time, Don, Dex and Eureka will see to it that they will not be misunderstood (because they are good communicators). This time they will also commit not to fail (because they have a passion for excellence). Besides, real heroism for them is not to put themselves on top of pedestals but for them to make more heroes of this new revolution in publishing. More heroes advocating the democratization of opportunities and progress in businesses, in learning institutions, and in individuals. ALL THESE THROUGH MCKINLEY PUBLISHING HUB. Welcome us as we dynamically adapt so that you all can excel and achieve your dream of becoming a published author.

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